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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back to Blogging!!

Well, hmmm…guess I need to get back to this blogging thing as I have been gone too long. And there has been some things going on that I better get in writing before my senile mind forgets them.

Let’s go back and recap the parts that I remember, shall we.

March – cold, snow, cold, snow, yep, that about sums it up for Indiana weather.

April – All I remember from this month is that I was too damn excited to the 28th to come because it was time for the Annual Girls Trip to Florida. Oh my, what a trip that was. Just picture six women going 900 mile away from our men and children for a week. Some only went for five days but me and the BFF stayed two more days.

The fun started on the first day when the asshats limo driver tried to charge us more than I was quoted. See, I have some anal retentive habits and one of those is call CMA (cover my ass) sooooo I had printed out all of the emails just in case. Justin Case came in very handy. And they sucker screwed himself out of a $25 tip from some very cranky women. Then the owner had the balls to come back and still try to mess with me. WRONG move dude when I have been on the beach and at the pool for five days and drinking the day he wanted to rumble in the jungle. Really smart short, fat old man, I know some stuff and know how to take down dumb men (OK, so most of them are) but don’t play with me. You will lose!!

The first night we all ended up in the pool in our clothes. Right by the Tiki bar and man was that fun. Is it wrong when the bartenders remember you from the last year? Well, we got great service so I assuming that is a good thing, no?

Day two, just a chillin’ on the beach and pool and Tiki Bar and in our rooms and…..just fun.

I will not bore you will the rest of the week because it was a repeat of fun. We did go on a dolphin watch boat thingy that had the best driver that we got to mess with and he was hilarious. We met some friends that we will see again.

June – The boyfriend Gregg and I took 3 teenage boys to Kings Island for two day. I’ll let you picture that for a minute…………yep. Fanfuckintastic.

We leave at 9am with threats of rain. It is only about a 1 ½ to 2 hours drive from my house. Momma played smart and kept those kids up late so they would sleep on the way there. And they did. Except it RAINED like Hell THE ENTIRE TRIP. And I was driving. There were times that I was only doing 35 on the interstate. But I was a determined one, as we got in the parking lot the rain stopped.

We had rented a room for the night and it was crowded. The third child came at the last minute so they had to deal as Momma wasn’t putting out another $100 for a room for teenagers. Not happening no matter how much you whine. You may me my last child but you are not my first.

Ended up with a good time by all and no puking on the rides. Gregg drove home, I drank…oh shush…you would have too. Remember, THREE 14-15 year old boys in one car.

THEN the big thing came. Oh Hell this hurts. I had one of those damn birthday things. And, and, and….Oh Shit….I turned 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY, how in the Hell did I get this old? REALLY? 45? If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. Well, ok, maybe not but I wouldn’t have had that last kid to kill a good body. Ok, not even that, I would still have him.

Gregg did give me a nice surprise party with my friends and a CUTE cake and all that stuff. But he had the bartender put the candles on at 54 just to mess with me…asshole. The good news is I saved the candles as he will be 54 next year and I can reuse them. If I can resist putting a 1 in front that is.

The boy made it to 14….how I have no idea because that boy has pushed every button I have and then some I didn’t know about.

Ok, so I started this a month ago….I suck...oh how he wishes…but I have got to get back at this as life has been throwing me some shit that has tried to take me down.

One of my bestest, dearest, beloved, and so well missed passed on the 23rd. FUCK!!!!!!! God Bless America Cancer came into my life AGAIN!!!! I still have to do her burial this Saturday as the ass of Dr. didn’t sign her death certificate until today.

Jan Seprodi, I miss the living Hell out of you and life will never be the same!!

I have an AMAZING group of friends that we have all rallied around each other for this and I am SOOOO grateful for them!! And I hope I have helped them too.

This past two months have taught me to hold those you Love even closer as we age and shit happens.

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